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Participate in InstaForex Sniper contest, become a Forex professional!

Contest participation always contributes a lot to professional advancement in any sphere of activity. Taking part in a contest you can both experience such exciting emotions as fervour, rivalry, victorious zeal and also acquire new knowledge, skills and abilities. The participants of various contests and competitions obtain unprecedented experience, a prerequisite to proficiency and common acknowledgement. This is why since its very foundation InstaForex Company has been arranging a lot of interesting contests with the most popular of them being "InstaForex Sniper".  Its terms, dynamics, prize pool and unique character attract more and more traders. Its winners are deservedly called masters of Forex trading. This week the following traders are proud to bear this title:

1 place - Oleg V. Arsentiev (8058800) - 500 USD
2 place - Alexey V. Trishin (8057502) - 400 USD
3 place - Alexandr G. Fedorov (8055446) - 300 USD
4 place - Alexandr G. Lebedev (8057439) - 200 USD
5 place - Vladimir V. Trafimov (8058900) - 100 USD

Participating in "InstaForex Sniper" contest, you boost your professionalism and acquire valuable experience. Master your Forex trading with InstaForex Company!

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